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AW-Tronics is an international trading company, active on a particular field of the electronic industry.

AW-Tronics is an international trading company, active on a particular field of the electronic industry. It is an independent distributor specialised in the sourcing for the major OEMs, CEMs and ODMs that face shortage of active and passive electronics component.

Our business is complementary to the structure of the purchasing department of these companies. The credibility of AW-Tronics is based on its ability to source the required parts and to deliver on time. AW-Tronics offers the reactivity of a broker and the reliability of a distributor. AW-Tronics is not linked by any contract to a manufacturer thus it has more flexibility .When seeking parts the distributors refer to their stock whereas AW-Tronics is sourcing worldwide.

Franchised distributors have constraints of price and stock which do not allow them to line up on the market price. The competitive advantage for a service company like AW-Tronics is its reactivity and well acquaintance of the worldwide market.


As a leading worldwide distributor, AW-Tronics offers a wide array of capabilities designed to provide a seamless level of service and information flow, no matter what time of day or which corner of the earth is being accessed. We are able to do this as a result of:

  • Two physical locations, fully registered, strategically placed within the markets accounting for virtually all of the supply and demand of product from our industry. In view of our market coverage, AW-Tronics can provide exceptional logistical support with immediate delivery of products and services, regardless of the circumstances or geographic location.

  • Powerful financial strength   insures that AW-Tronics has the financial wherewithal and resources to support any product requirement, for any size company, whether it be a prototype need or full support of large production volumes.

  • Customers can have total confidence that the products AW-Tronics supplies will be provided with an applicable Certificate of Compliance, which insures the products will meet, or exceed, all manufacturer’s specifications. In addition, all products have full traceability and all warehouses are fully ESD compliant.

  • Value added services such as product testing and screening, programming services, tape and reeling, baking and re-packaging, assembly to customer drawing, comprehensive data sheet library, second source and alternate manufacturer search services.

  • Supply chain management services specifically designed to not only provide a reliable, competitively priced source of supply of quality products for a wide variety of procurement programs but, which also works as a conduit to industry product demand providing a global “customer base” for excess inventory situations. We invite you to inquire further as to how AW-Tronics can be of service. No matter how long the list of capabilities, the most important capability relates to AW-Tronics'S commitment to provide solutions, backed by the AW-Tronics team, a group of individuals we feel are the finest in the industry.